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Perimeter   Protection

The ever changing aspects of modern day society has given rise to a growing demand for security systems in various fields.

The market for electronic intrusion surveillance systems emerged in the 80’s, with some detection systems exclusively installed inside buildings. SORHEA became the specialist 30 years ago in a new market for outdoor perimeter detection systems.

Our detectors are most often installed outside buildings and indicate the presence of an intruder before the intruder enters sensitive areas.

The intervention of security services can, be triggered faster, earlier and more effectively with such systems. Moreover, a perimeter detection system allows goods stored outside to be monitored.

Perimeter detection requires robust and reliable products capable of working in the worst weather conditions. Numerous technologies are available on the market to meet with various specific needs.

The perimeter detection market is sustained by the growing need to secure sensitive sites.  The demand is high in the transport and logistics sectors, chemical and nuclear sites, companies with the need to safeguard the confidentiality of their production, materials stored in an open space, prisons, etc.

The feeling of insecurity and cases of home jacking persuade certain private home-owners to equip their homes with perimeter detection systems.

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